Project Management for Construction

Introduction to construction project management from owner's perspective in organizing planning, design, construction and operation as an integrated process. Examination of labor productivity, material management and equipment utilization. Cost estimation and financing of constructed facilities. Contracting, construction planning and fundamental scheduling procedures. Cost control, monitoring and accounting for construction. See this course's sample syllabus for more information.

Building Information Modeling and IT-based construction

The intent of this course is to introduce students to the concepts associated with information modeling and analysis. The students will learn the building information modelling efforts in the Architecture/ Engineering/Construction and Facility Management (AEC/FM) industry, fundamentals of object-oriented modelling and techniques to develop information models. At the same time, the students will be exposed to and will have hands-on experiences with some of the existing software systems in the AEC/FM industry that leverage such information models for decision support. See this course's sample syllabus for more information.

International Collaborative Construction Management

One known problem reported by several construction companies is that their engineers and project managers are not prepared to deal with the requirements of increasing globalization, created by new opportunities from expanding markets all over the world.  Construction companies, engineers and project managers are realizing that their domain knowledge on materials, equipment, construction techniques, management techniques and methods, and social skills are local and that when they are bidding and planning international projects to be built abroad they have to learn to work, collaborate and acquire information from local engineers and managers. This course will provide this experience to our students by exposing them to an international collaboration experience. Students in the US, Brazil, Israel, and Turkey will be teamed in a virtual international joint venture. The students are expected to produce schedules, cost estimates, and risk assessment plans for a facility that would be built in Turkey, Brazil, Israel, and in the US. Students will have to apply knowledge about local construction methods, materials, labor, and equipment costs, labor productivity, local standards, etc to compare their solutions for the different countries. See a sample syllabus of this course to learn more.