Activities in Honorary Fraternities and Professional Societies

1. Board Member, International Facility Management Association, Health Care Institute.  

2. Board Member, International Association and Automation in Construction

3. Assoc. Member, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

4. Member, Building Smart Alliance Education Committee, NIBS

5. Member of Chi-Epsilon 6. Member, American Society of Engineering Educators (ASEE)

7. Member, Construction Research Council, ASCE, 03/2003

8. Member, Database and Information Management Committee, ASCE, 11/2003 –

9. Member, Intelligent Computing Committee, ASCE, 06/2006 –

10. Member, AGC BIM-Education committee.

11. Co-Chair, International workshop on computing in civil Engineering, ASCE, July 24-27, 2007, Pittsburgh, USA

Editorial Roles on & Activities in Professional Meetings

1. Specialty Editor on Construction Informatics/Editorial Board, Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, ASCE

2. Associate Editor, Advanced Engineering Informatics.

3. Associate Editor, Automation in Construction.

4. Specialty Editor, Sensors in Construction and Infrastructure Management, ITCon

5. Editorial board, ITCon

6. NRC Committee Member on Predicting the Outcomes of Facility Investments (09/2009 -2012 )

7. Reviewer for the following journals:

a. Journal of Construction Engineering and Management

b. Automation in Construction

c. Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering

d. Advanced Engineering Informatics

e. Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering

f. Construction Management and Economics

g. Journal of Infrastructure Systems

h. Canadian Journal for Civil Engineering

i. IT in A/E/C

8. Reviewer for the following funding agencies: National Science Foundation, EPSRC, EPSCOR, Swiss National Foundation

9. Regular reviewer and session chair for the following conferences: Construction Congress, Workshop on Computing in Civil Engineering, ICCCBE and ISARC