Video Presentations and White Papers

Video Presentations Available on the Web:

Resources, Rivers and Regrets: How Energy Choices Affect Drinking Water.  Scott Institute Andy Talk (2017)

Rain Rivers and Resources. Carnegie Science Center (2015)

Water-Energy Nexus at Sustainability EXPO (2013)

Energy and Shale/Water Interactions (2012)

Water and Sewer Challenges. Intellirights (2011)

White Papers and Reports on the Web:

Hammer, R. and VanBriesen, J.M. (2012) In Fracking’s Wake: new rules are needed to protect our health and environment from contaminated wastewater, Natural Resources Defense Council.  Issue Brief and Full Report Available.

Stine, D., VanBriesen, J.M., Robinson, A., Griffin, M., Mitchell, A., Casman, E., Adams, P., Gregory, K., Hendrickson, C., Jaramillo, P., Jiang, M., Roy, A. (2013) Scott Institute for Energy Innovation. Shale Gas and the Environment, Policy Briefing.  Full Report Available.

VanBriesen, J.M., and Karcher, S.C. (2011) Sustainable Water Innovation Initiative for Southwestern Pennsylvania. Full Report Available.