Administrative Activities

Center for Water Quality in Urban Environmental Systems (Water QUEST)

Co-Director 2005-2008; Director 2008-present

  • Lead faculty team responses to center-level funding opportunities.
  • Engage with corporate and foundation sponsors.
  • Present center research at Dean’s Weekend, President’s Weekend, Trustee Partners Weekend, and other select alumni development events.
  • Present center research to foundation program managers and boards.
  • Coordinate with watershed research groups in Southwestern Pennsylvania and build relationships with regional NGOs and university partners.
  • Brief local, state and national regulatory agencies regarding research results.
  • Coordinate field work with drinking water utilities.
  • Manage budget and supervise assessment and purchase of laboratory equipment.
  • Hire and supervise laboratory manager.

Nanotechnology-Environmental Effects and Policy (NEEP) Program, a NSF Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT)

Lead Principal Investigator 2010-2017

  • Lead faculty team that wrote the proposal to leverage NSF/EPA Center on Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology (CEINT) to create the IGERT.
  • Hire and supervise IGERT program coordinator.
  • Select and manage interactions with external advisory board.
  • Prepare and deliver program briefings and presentations.
  • Coordinate educational program across five engineering departments.
  • Lead faculty through admissions, selection and regular evaluation of students.
  • Mentor graduate students in the program.
  • Prepare and deliver professional development seminars to IGERT students on topics including: adjusting to graduate school, interacting with your advisor, finding a mentor, organizing your time, giving presentations, avoiding procrastination, and project planning.

Program details at:

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Carnegie Mellon University.

Chair, Program Assessment Committee 2008-2015

  • Lead program assessment in Civil Engineering to demonstrate continuous improvement processes aligned with requirements for ABET accreditation.
  • Complete comprehensive analysis of six years of data during self-study year (2011-12).
  • Write departmental self-study document, including work with external consultant.
  • Prepare materials for accreditation visit (Fall 2012).
  • Work with faculty to develop assessment tools and rubrics for courses and program.
  • Prepare and deliver tutorials to faculty and teaching assistants on development of rubrics and use of on-line assessment tools
  • Prepare and present annual assessment data for faculty evaluation at department meetings and retreats.
  • Facilitate decision-making regarding program changes in response to assessment results.
  • Supervise staff programmer on development of new on-line tool for management of all assessment data (including syllabi, assessment data by course and outcome, and samples of student work)
  • Represent department on college assessment committee.
  • Attend annual ABET Symposium. Completed training through Institute of the Development of Excellence in Assessment Leadership (IDEAL) in 2009.
  • Completed training as a program evaluator (PEV) with ABET in 2012.


University Research Council (URC). Carnegie Mellon University.

Vice Chair 2011-2013

  • The URC is tasked with special projects associated with research administration, as requested by the URC chair (Vice President and Associate Provost for Research) and the faculty senate.
  • Represent the URC chair on the faculty senate executive committee (Ex Com) and attend all meetings of the faculty senate.
  • Project 1.  Revise university policy with respect to conflict of interest in research, as necessitated by changes in federal law.
    • Led URC review of federal conflict of interest law.
    • Collected input from stakeholders (faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students) on very tight timeline to meet federal regulatory change.
    • Presented details of new legal requirements to staff council, faculty senate, graduate student government, undergraduate student government, and multiple departments throughout the university.
    • Presented new policy and implementation procedures recommended by the URC to University President, Provost and management team.
  • Project 2.  Reviewed and recommend changes to university policy on royalty payments to staff members.
    • Led URC review of invention policy and royalty payment policy.
    • Led URC review of copyright vs. patent considerations.
    • Collected input from original drafters of the policy and history of implementation of the policy.
    • Collected input from current faculty and staff affected by the policy and interested in a revision.
    • Presented formal recommendation to faculty senate chair and executive committee.