Campus safety

CEE Summer’17 Research Program

CMU Campus Safety

Sign up for the CMU-Alert text service: cmualert

Download the CMU Mobile Alert app, available for iPhone and Android phones through the phone App Stores. Put the app on your home screen, because in an emergency, that’s where you’ll need it.

Note that the mobile app is separate from the automatic CMU-Alert text messages. The mobile app provides:

  • Automatic dialing for University Police, Safety Escorts and 911.
  • Procedures and guidance for 21 different emergencies;
  • Information regarding crimes and crime prevention;
  • Links to important Carnegie Mellon websites;
  • Interactive maps that provide information about locations of Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs);

Take care of yourself.  Do your best to maintain a healthy lifestyle this semester by eating well, exercising, avoiding drugs and alcohol, getting enough sleep and taking some time to relax. This will help you achieve your goals and cope with stress.

There are many helpful resources available on campus and an important part of the college experience is learning how to ask for help. Ask for help sooner rather than later.

If you or anyone you know experiences any academic stress, difficult life events, or feelings like anxiety or depression, you can call Counseling and Psychological Services (CaPS)  412-268-2922 or  visit their website at>.

If the situation is life threatening, call the police:

           On campus: CMU Police: 412-268-2323

           Off campus: 911