Value of information analysis for optimal sensing in infrastructure systems

Carl Malings, Matteo Pozzi, Milad Memarzadeh

This project investigates how to evaluate the impact of information gathering (through sensors and monitoring systems, or inspections) in the management of spatially distributed infrastructure systems.

We propose to perform pre-posterior analysis of the network to optimize the design of sensing networks. A rational metric is the Value of Information, a decision theoretic measure which explicitly quantifies the benefit of sensor measurements in reducing the expected losses to a managing agent in the context of a decision-making problem under uncertainty.

We are developing a scalable probabilistic framework to perform pre-posterior analysis in large infrastructure systems using this metric. We apply this framework to the seismic monitoring of the SF bay area.


An example of outcome of the sensing network lay-out for the SF bay area, and the corresponding analysis of the Value of Information

We also use the Value of Information as a metric to define priorities among inspections, integrating scheduling with sequential maintenance.

An example of outcome sequential decision making, where the Value of Information is tracked in time: when it is sufficiently high, an inspection is performed.

Source of funding
Start-up funds


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