12735 – Urban systems modeling (graduate class, full semester)

This course presents the topics of probabilistic risk assessment and decision making under uncertainty, with applications to infrastructure systems. It explains, among other things, how to use graphical models to describe the interdependence of system components, and how to use analytical methods and numerical simulations for risk assessment.  [syllabus]

Lecture slides

Slides are clustered in lectures, which have different durations (e.g. lecture 3 is very long and is covered in several classes).
Lecture 1. Introduction on risk analysis for urban systems
Lecture 2. Review of probability theory
Lecture 3. Component risk analysis
Lecture 4. Simulations for risk assessment
Lecture 5. Risk assessment of systems
Lecture on Networks
Lecture 6. Bayesian data analysis
Lecture 7. Bayesian calibration of models
Lecture 8. System dynamic modeling
Lecture 9. Bayesian networks
Lecture 10. Gaussian processes
Lecture 11. Loss and decisions
Lecture 12. Sequential decision making

Matlab files

Please contact me if you find typos in the codes, or if you need clarifications.

for Lecture 2
for Lecture 3
for Lecture 4
for Lecture 6
for Lecture 8
for Lecture 10
for Lecture 12


Video on transformation of random variables

Non-linear transformation
Linear tranformation


12741 – Data management (graduate class, half semester)

This mini course introduces students to concepts and methods for organizing and analyzing data. Covered topics included: representation and processing of data collected by sensor networks, data processing, feature extraction, relational databases, and no-SQL databases.  [syllabus]

12421 – Engineering economics (undergraduate class, half semester)

It is a mini course introducing basic concepts of economic analysis and consideration of the time value of money. The core of the class is the selection of independent projects and mutually exclusive proposals, using various methods of analysis.

12794 – AIS graduate seminar series

Series of weekly seminars given by guest speakers. Coordinator for Spring '14, Fall '15, Fall '16.

before CMU

at UC Berkeley, co-instructor for two undergraduate courses at (Fall 2011 and Spring 2012):
CE-193 “Probabilistic Methods for Engineering Risk Analysis”,
CE-93 “Engineering Data Analysis”,

at the University of Trento, instructor or co-instructor for the following courses (2006-2010):
“Structural Design 1 (Steel)” [Undergrad, Instructor], “Precast Concrete and Bridge Construction”,
“Structural Design (Advanced Concrete)”, “Special structures” [Grad, Co-instructor], all in Italian.