Suman Pokharel

(advised jointly with Peter Adams), started in January 2019, “From Future Learning To Current Action: Long-Term Sequential Infrastructure Planning Under Uncertainty.”

Mina Karimi

 (advised jointly with Kaushik Dayal), started in August 2018, “Forecasting induced seismicity by integrating physics-based models with machine learning.”


Shawn Li

(sole advisor), started in January 2018, "Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes: Value of Information and Evolution Prediction"


(advised jointly with Mario Berges), started in November 2018, "SHADE: Surface Heat Assessment for Developed Environments."

Rami Ariss

(sole advisor), to start in August 2019, “Theory and practice of interconnected systems.”


Chaochao Lin

(sole advisor), started in August 2017, “Infrastructure Management under Model Uncertainty.”


Past students

PhD Students:

Chelsea Kolb: (Aug 2015 - Sep 2018, co-advised with Jeanne VanBriesen and Costa Samaras): “Drinking Water Quality and Risk Challenges from Increasing Source Water Bromide: Climate and Energy Changes.”
Irem Velibeyoglu: (Aug 2014 - Sep 2018, sole advisor) now at HighMark: “Model Identication and Fault Detectability Assessment for Air Handling Units: Statistical Methods and Empirical Validation.”
Elizabeth Bismut: (visiting student from the ERA group, TUM, Munich, Germany, Jan 2018 - Apr 2018).
Claudia Zelaschi: (visiting student from the ROSE Programme, UME School, Pavia, Italy, Sep 2015 - Feb 2017): “System-Level Seismic Fragility Assessment under Interdependent Spatial Demand and Structural Capacity.”
Pengyun Wang: (Aug 2012 - Dec 2016, co-advised with Mitchell Small): “A Statistical Approach for Assessing Seismic Transitions Associated with Wastewater Injection.”
Milad Memarzadeh: (Jan 2013 - Dec 2015, sole advisor) now at eIQ Mobility: "Optimal learning and planning for degrading systems."
Yanchao Yue: (Jan 2009 - May 2012, co-advised at U. of Trento) now assist. prof. at Xi'an jiaotong University: "Impact of Seismic Vulnerability on Bridge Management Systems."

MSc and BSc Students:

Hong Tiancarlos Lin Chen: (advised jointly with Mario Berges), "Design of a sensing network for on‐line risk assessment of flash flood in Pittsburgh", Summer 2016.
Ke Mao: (advised jointly with Jacobo Bielak), "Statistical models for spatially distributed seismic excitation", Summer 2016.
Chi Yon Cho: (advised jointly with Burcu Akinci), "Exploration vs exploitation", Summer 2015.
Andrew Bakert: (advised jointly with Costa Samaras), “Climate change adaptation for civil engineers resource guide”, Spring 2014.
Jize Zhang: “Reliability methods under data analysis”, independent study in Spring 2013.
Enze Li: “Design of a sensing networks for the Scott Hall building”, independent study in Fall 2013.
Xiu Fu: “Fiber optic sensors for the Scott Hall building”, independent study in Spring 2014.
Sham Thanekar: (advised jointly with Peter Adams) “How does climate change affect the likelihood of extreme events?”, Spring 2014.
Guangshi Shang and Jing Yang: “Installing and calibrating fiber optic strain sensors”, Sep-Dec 2014.