Structural monitoring of the Scott Hall building in the CMU campus

Carl Malings, Irem Velibeyoglu, Matteo Pozzi.

We take the new Scott Hall Building as a test-bed for different SHM approaches, and specifically to develop and test a new platform for wireless sensor monitoring on that building. It is an interesting structure: a cantilever suspended on slender steel columns. The monitoring system can collect relevant measurements for the condition assessment of those columns, of the horizontal steel girders and of the overall performance of the building. Fiber optic strain sensors are permanently installed, from the construction phase, and their measurements permit to identify the axial force and bending moment in the steel column. The monitoring of Scott-Hall can also be intended as pilot case-study for extensive monitoring of other buildings in the Campus.

Source of funding
May 2014: CIT research equipment grant, at CMU, “Wireless sensing network for monitoring the new Scott Hall Building,” March 2013: CIT research equipment grant, at CMU, “A new instrumented lab for modeling and monitoring of civil systems”.

Structural Health Monitoring of Sherman and Joyce Bowie Scott Hall