Optimal planning and learning for the management of wind farms

Milad Memarzadeh, Matteo Pozzi (PI), Zico Kolter

This project is focusing on the interaction between learning and planning in sequential decision making, with application in the management of wind turbines. Reasoning at a network level is crucial for effective management of wind farms, because of the dependency in the epistemic uncertainty modeling the performance of the turbines. We use Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes (POMDP) as basic modeling tool.

By modeling this dependency, observations collected on one turbine are relevant for the entire farm.

We are working with EverPower Wind Holdings, a company owning and operating many wind farms inside and outside Pennsylvania, who provide us data and feedback.

The idea of the project: each turbine is modeled by a POMDP, and similarity is captured by relating turbines to a common parent.

A representation of the algorithm used for learning and planning with POMDP, when the underling model is uncertain.

Source of Funding
Start-up funds and Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance (PITA) via grant PITA YR16 31571.1.9.1042204

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