Financial and physical infrastructure: integrated network resilience analysis under extreme events

Matteo Pozzi, Bruno Sinopoli, Andreea Minca

The effects of extreme events on society are not only a function of the immediate damage induced on the physical infrastructure system (e.g. commercial and residential structures, transportation, critical manufacturing), but also of the post-event recovery process that a community is able to implement. This recovery process depends on the availability of investments from the financial sector (e.g. by private banks, insurance, and re-insurance companies). Appropriate relationships between these financial and physical infrastructures are therefore necessary to provide the financial pre-conditions for rapid and efficient restoration of the physical system. This project aims at developing a deeper understanding of the relationships coupling the financial and physical infrastructures and their effect on the resilience of these interconnected systems. This improved understanding will ultimately lead to better policies and decision-making support for financial and physical infrastructure managers aimed at improving their preparedness for and responsiveness to extreme events.


Source of funding
NSF “CRISP Type 1/Collaborative Research: A Computational Approach for Integrated Network Resilience Analysis under Extreme Events for Financial and Physical Infrastructures,”



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