Ago. 2019: NSF grant awarded from SES-DRMS
Sep. 2017: Junho Song is visiting CMU for a 1-year sabbatical!
Ago. 2017: NSF grants awarded from ENG-CMMI-IMEE and GEO-ICER-PREEVENTS

I am a Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. My research focuses on probabilistic risk analysis and decision optimization, applied to civil infrastructures. Integrating fiber optic sensors  and using wireless sensors to measure strain and vibrations I look at methods to reliably mitigate risks and extend systems life-spans in civil systems. The analysis of this data and integrated reliability assessment tools can help stakeholders in their decision making processes towards a more sustainable use of resources.

My group is focused on probabilistic models for seismic vulnerability, deterioration, optimal planning for mitigation of extreme events, maintenance and inspection scheduling. Using a computational approach, based on probabilistic graphical models, my research allows for integrated modeling of large heterogeneous systems through extensive use of simulations and analytical approximations.

I got a PhD in Structural Engineering from the University of Trento (Italy) and a post-doctoral research position at UC Berkeley.

Students with strong background in engineering and statistics, computation and/or signal processing, interested in a PhD position, should read this post.