Research Team

Sarah Hordern

Autonomous analysis of soil contamination using ground robots

Garret Bland

Geochemical interactions of nanophases in biological and environmental media

Valeria Nava

starting Aug, 2020 (topic TBD)

Yilin Zhang


Environmentally-responsive nanomaterials for agrochemical delivery

Anthony Reid

Rethinking Last-mile Food Delivery for Sustainability

Dr. Jiang Xu


Nanomaterials for environmental remediaiton

Dr. Adriana Velosa

Mercury biogeochemistry; in situ remediation.

Dr. Rita Lopes

Soil-plant microbiome interactions

Prof. Chong Tian

Characterization of nanophases in coal combustion byproducts

Dan Hussain

Carbon sequestration via enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and carbon-neutral liquid fuels production.