Research Team

Rachel Mole

Factors controlling PFAS sorption to colloidal carbon

Valeria Nava

Plant Nanobiotechnology

Ben Therrien

Fundamental Nanomaterial-Plant Interactions

Preom Sarkar

Biological Selenuim Removal in FGD Wastewater

Mateo Samudio

Rethinking Last-mile Food Delivery for Sustainability

Hairong Wang

Automated Robotic Contaminated Soil Characterization

Hosea Santiago

Bioinspired PFAS degradation

Sandra Rodrigues

Nanoscale Foliar Micronutrient Delivery Materials

YuanHao (Alan) Zhou

Hg oxidation in water and water/MEG systems

Dr. Xiaopeng Huang

Environmental Geochemistry

Dr. Yilin Zhang


Environmentally-responsive nanomaterials for agrochemical delivery

Dr. Kurt Ristroph

Plant Nanobiotechnology

Dr. Hagay Kohay

Layered Double Hydroxides for Agrochemical Delivery

Dr. Jonas Weilinski