12-629: Environmental Microbiology for Engineers

Fall: 9 units
This class provides a general introduction to microorganisms in natural and engineered environments. Selected topics include: cellular architecture, energetics and energy conservation, growth and catabolism; evolution and genetics; population and community dynamics; water and soil microbiology; biogeochemical cycling; biofilms; and microorganisms in wastewater, pollution attenuation, and bioremediation.

12-355: Fluid Mechanics

Fall: 9 units
Fluid characteristics; continuity, momentum and energy equations; dynamic similitude; laminar and turbulent boundary layers; flow in pipes; lift and drag on immersed bodies; open channel flow.

12-356 Fluid Mechanics Lab

Fall: 3 units
Fluid properties: density, specific gravity, viscosity; fluid characteristics; continuity, conservation of energy; fluid behavior: center of pressure, pipe flow, open-channel flow. Laboratory experiments illustrating basic principles.

(Course no. TBD): Produced Water Management and Treatment

Description TBD.